mental health awareness

Upcoming talk at Towson University

It's time to start the conversation.

Over the last few months, we've deliberated on how to take the conversation of mental health offline to the people that needed it most. First was weekly support group meetings, which we've teamed up with Together We Got This to put on, and second was talks at various colleges in the area to help bring the subject to students who suffer from greatly from suicide, anxiety, and depression. This week, those talks start in Maryland:

Wednesday, October 19th we'll be at the Baltimore Academy of Illustration with speakers, Scott Fuqua, Jeff Rojas, Garth Gerhart, + Mickey Cucchiella.

Creatives Aga;nst Depression + Resource Magazine

What started earlier this year as small initiative to get people talking about mental health, suicide, + other often ignored issues is starting to become more.

Recently, the amazing folks over at Resource Magazine reached out to see how they could help spread the message + raise awareness around the huge mental health problems we have in the US. After some conversations, we're proud to say Resource is going to be sharing some of our articles, content, and helping promote some upcoming events we'll be putting on.

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out their great quarterly magazine, with their latest issue on Social Media with actress, Aya Cash of FXX's You're the Worst, gracing the cover + sign up for their newsletter to get great content + the latest Creatives Aga;nst Depression articles!