Surreal Illustrations of Mental Illnesses for Inktober

Every year thousands of artists take part in Inktober, where every day in October you draw something. Artist, Shawn Coss, decided to change it up and focus his drawings on various mental illnesses which has been getting tons of hits on Bored Panda.

For more information and images, jump over to his Facebook page here.

Mental Health Issues Rampant Amongst the Arts

Mental Health Issues Rampant Amongst the Arts

Mental health woes are rife in the arts – and it’s no wonder when creative professionals face such insecure and harsh working conditions. Conditions such as uncertain employment, low pay, financial insecurity, poor working conditions, and often long odd hours. The most concerning contention however, is that workers in the entertainment industry (artists particularly), are constantly being asked to work for FREE! A proposal often presented as "in-kind support" for “exposure” or “portfolio building"; a benefit rarely leading to cash payments that can be used in exchange for food or rent.